Luen Tai Industrial Products Ltd., first established
in 1966 in Hong Kong, is the forefront & the most
experienced manufacturer of ID accessories
products in the industry.
With our long history of manufacturing experience,
it gives us many comparative advantages over
other competitors that are in term of quality, costs,
lead time and technical expertise on new product
Luen Tai Industrial Products Ltd. has a sales
office in Hong Kong and operates its own
factory in Mainland China ever since 1987. We
produce our own products up to 90% inside our
factory and we conduct most of own
manufacturing procedures, such as: high speed
and low speed metal stamping, vinyl slitting,
plastic injection molding, ultrasonic, high
frequency welding, soldering, mesh, wire & spring
machines and other imprinting works, etc….
Moreover, as we have our dexterous team of tooling
technicians, we could work with and cope with your
new customized requirements and ideas quickly
while under a low budget product development costs. 
It is our common practice to perform OEM & ODM
projects with our customers and many of our
customers are often referred by the word of mouth.
We take pride in our dedication and in what we do
best in this industry.  Therefore; if you do not see 
what you need in our product catalogue, please do 
let us know because, chances are, we do offer 
many similar items. 
Together and with your long term support, we provide
effective products for the identification, security and
promotional markets.